Ensuring customer satisfaction

Our operating policy is simple and straightforward:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Zero Defects
  • The Prevention of Pollution and Minimizing Waste and Resource Consumption
  • Continuous Improvement by Employee Involvement and Empowerment
  • Complying with all Relevant Legal & Other Requirements

Real Time Control Systems

With the intent of providing a superior product, we focus on both the quality of the base material as well as the production process. To achieve this, high end quality monitoring systems, tailored to our processes, are integrated directly into our production equipment.

Real-time checks are performed on each and every weld. Defects are detected immediately and automatically. All production parameters and quality monitoring ‘traces’ are further serialized and stored for each of our tailored products. We are the only tailor welded blank and coil manufacturer that uses a magnetic flux leakage detection system (MFL) for each and every blank we weld.

Lot Control and Traceability

TWB utilizes lot controlled production techniques which enhance consistency and efficiency of materials processed. These techniques provide visibility to the properties and specifications of material as it moves through the supply chain.

Our products are traceable at all stages of the production process. This is possible with our digital product data management system; a batch number ink jetted onto each finished product which provides information on materials used, even after forming.