Tailor Welded Coils

Tailored steel direct from coil

Tailored steel direct from coil

Tailor Welded Coils (TWC) are a unique product for innovative lightweight construction. Tailor welded coils bring tailor welded blank advantages to coil fed operations such as: progressive dies, roll forming, blanking, and coil fed transfer press lines.

Continuous welds

Consistent with tailored blanks, TWB butt-welds steel coils of different thickness, grade or coatings together along the coil edges. The result is a full size tailor welded coil that provides benefits just like the tailor welded blanks we have been providing to the North American market for the past 20 years. In addition, we can weld coils together of the same material thickness, grade and finish to produce coils that are wider than steel mills can make today.

Use in progressive dies

The development of tailored coils has opened up entirely new areas of application for tailored steel solutions. Coil fed processes can now use a tailored product in roll forming, progressive dies and other coil fed stamping operations. TWCs bring the advantages of tailored blanks to a much wider audience. Automotive manufacturers are using this new technology in production today.

Advantages of TWB tailor welded coils

In addition to the advantages of tailored products, tailored coils offer the following additional opportunities:

  • Processing in coil fed operations such as; progressive dies, roll forming and coil fed transfer presses
  • Reduced material costs
  • Increased stamping throughput
  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Reduced investment in the stamping operation
  • Wide coils
  • Improved material handling and logistics

Product range

Tailor welded coils are available in widths from 150 mm up to 2,500 mm. Our lines can weld slit coils with thicknesses from 0.9 to 3.0 mm; at material grades up to DP980. The potential of tailor welded coils is unlimited for automotive and non-automotive applications. We are constantly expanding our production capabilities to meet future customer requirements.

TWC Applications